Best Spam Killer

Best Spam Killer (S60 1st & 2nd) 1.00

Stop spam SMS messages in their tracks


  • Easy to use
  • Filter messages based on a range of criteria


  • Doesn't block calls


Unfortunately it's the way of the World now that spam messages are increasingly filling up our SMS inboxes. However, programs like Best Spam Killer are on hand to eliminate unwanted messages without too much hassle.

Best Spam Killer allows you to apply filters to incoming SMS messages in order to stop junk mail from ever reaching your inbox. The filtered texts are automatically placed into the Spam folder where they will be kept for a number of days (which you can define) then auto erased.

Best Spam Killer is very straightforward to use. Once you've chosen to create a new rule you can apply a filter based on a range of different criteria. For instance, you can block messages based on phone number, contact group, phone prefix, a part of the phone number, and more.

Unfortunately, Best Spam Killer is only able to filter out text messages and doesn't offer any protection against nuisance phone calls. For this, you'd be better off with a more all-encompassing app, such as Melon Mobile's Advanced Blocker.

If you want a robust and easy-to-use tool for blocking junk mail though, you won't be disappointed by Best Spam Killer.

Best Spam Killer


Best Spam Killer (S60 1st & 2nd) 1.00

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